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Lab reports on web site www.elbitdiagnostics.net
1. Open ‘Internet explorer’ on your computer. and Type the address / url ‘www.elbitdiagnostics.net’ in the search option
4. Scroll on ‘ Online Reports’ select ‘Bangalore’
5. Patient information system login details appear.
6. Select patient type as ‘General Patient’ if a walk in customer , (‘Credit company’ is only for credit company authorized persons).
7. In user id type the MR Number completely.
8. In Password, type First four characters of the name ( with out spaces, camas, pull stops) in capital followed by MR Number.
9. Select Login, Password confirmation screen will appear, this is only for first time. Change the password, If required. It is better to change the password. This password is unique for the MR Number.
11. Select ‘Report Option’, reports will be appearing on the screen. Select the report, and press the save button. Report will be saved on the place you selected. Rename the report after saving on your computer.
12. Open the report on the computer, will ask the password, give the changed password in step no 10, report will open. You can take the print out of the same if printer connected to your computer.
13. The reports will not be available on the net under the following conditions:
(i). Pending Payments - Only when the payments is cleared, it will appear. (ii). Result not verified by the authorized signatories. (iii). Other than lab reports.
14. If any password related difficulty please contact For Hyderabad – Mr. K.T.Sai on the Mobile No: +919618204510 , and For Bangalore Mr.H.K.Satyanarayana on the Mobile Number : +919740344300

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